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Cook Portable Warehouse


The Cook Portable Warehouse Difference


It’s simply a better choice for your outdoor building!



We realize that you have many options when shopping for your next portable building. At Cook, we offer much more than a building. We offer the satisfaction and confidence of doing business with a company that has been leading the industry since 1984. We are a 100% full service company. What does that mean to you? When you purchase a Cook Portable Warehouse, it will be built in a quality controlled Cook manufacturing facility, delivered by professional Cook employees, and even leased through our own friendly Cook financial team. We control every aspect of our business with the goal of delivering the highest level of service to our friends and customers.


Build a Warehouse – Visualize what your building could look like with our different shingle/siding colors, size, and any additional options for your building.


Custoize your portable warehouse


Lifetime Warranty on all Treated Components

50-Year Siding Manufacturer’s Warranty

30-Year Shingle Manufacturer’s Warranty

Furthermore, every Cook Portable Warehouse sold — new or pre-owned — comes with a 5-year Labor and Materials Warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials during the first five years of ownership (normal wear and acts of God excluded).


Shop the styles of Cook Portable Warehouses available below. Click on your favorite style to learn more.

Garden Shed


No other portable building or shed manufacturer can offer our Lowest Price Guarantee because no one builds a storage shed like Cook.


If the pressure treated lumber in your Cook Portable Warehouse is ever damaged by fungal decay or termites, Cook will replace it free of charge.


Our no strings Rent to Own program allows you to have your storage facility in your own backyard or business, when and where you need it.


At Cook, all of our buildings are built in a quality controlled environment and delivered directly to you fully assembled, set up and leveled.

Lofted Barn
Lofted Garage