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Clean, well-maintained trucks for sale.


Well maintained. Our equipment inspection and verification program ensures clean, well maintained equipment (with service history) for every customer every time.


Buy a used moving box truck and use it for business, work, delivering goods, and many other purposes.


Our trucks are priced to sell! Make sure to look for our "New-in-Stock" trucks fresh from the rental fleet. We also have significantly reduced priced trucks for sale. Look for the "last-in-Stock" designation for these trucks.


Call us and we will find the right box truck for cab and truck for you. We sell retaill and wholesale!


U-Haul Offline Trucks for Sale


Best Value for Your Money!


U-Haul means you are buying with confidence and are getting the best value for your money. Put one of our trucks to work for you today! U-Haul Truck Sales : Small Investment, BIG RETURN!


30 Day Phone Support


With the purchase of one of our used box trucks you will have free access to our U-Haul equipment experts for all of your repair and maintenance questions for 30 days.


All Sizes


All sizes of trucks including 10' , 14', 17', 24', 26' box trucks.






Examples of some of our inventory of trucks available for sale.

Check back often as the inventory changes daily ...



We lease trucks for on-site advertising, storage & more!



U-Haul Offline Trucks for Sale



Lease our trucks for as little as $244.95 per month.


Store anything up to 1578 cubic ft.


Tell us what you want. We design the ad for you. We image the truck. Then deliver the truck and keys to you.


All sizes of trucks including 10' , 14', 17', 26' box trucks.






If you've done any shopping around, you know that a major advantage of Patriot Truck Leasing is the price. Our monthly leasing starts at just $244.95 per month. That's much less than billboards, outdoor signage, or even ads in the Sunday paper!


In fact, according to a report by SQAD, it costs (on average) $24.95 for every 1000 impressions for a newspaper ad. Television is $18.66, and radio is $10.85.

A billboard will cost $3.59 per 1000 impressions. With Patriot Truck Leasing, the cost is less than one dollar.



One thing you don't get with other forms of outdoor advertising is storage space. With our trucks, simply secure a padlock on the back door and safely store anything from excess inventory, to empty boxes, to financial documents!



Every truck is licensed, insured and maintained at no additional cost to you. When we drop off your truck, you get the keys! We allow you to move the truck anytime you want, and we will work with you to determine a mileage allotment to suit your needs.




Examples of how you can use trucks for advertising.



U-Haul Offline Trucks for Sale

U-Haul Offline Trucks for Sale


Affordable, visible & mobile outdoor advertising. Call 863-956-2472