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Are you looking for a specialized transportation company that adapts to your needs? Then look no further....... DOUBLE D TRUCK SPECIALTIES LLC is the solution.


Specializing in Overdimensional Hauling


  • High
  • Wide

  • Long

  • Heavy


Whether it's next door or around the world, we offer transportation solutions and provide a wide range of specialized services.


With our team of dedicated agents, drivers and personnel combined with a wide range of specialized equipment, we can coordinate all loading, permitting, escorting, etc., as necessary to transport your load.


Our commitment to safety and quality combined with over 25 years of experience guarantees you a quality of service that is second to none.


Our specialized company responds to unique transportation needs of high value, oversized freight. We provide you with the security and attention that you're valuable product demands.


The finest transportation professionals back each shipment, as well as the finest in transportation technology. We offer a wide range of equipment that is designed to meet the unique hauling and delivering challenges of any commodity.


If we don't have a piece of equipment to effectively move your product we will work with you to create it.

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